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The Stranger starts by Nagymester
The Stranger starts
I really need a short character sheet/bio or something "starter pack"... But I couldn't know how should I start and which character.I will start "The Stranger" because she is the oldest one in this group.

The Stranger is one of the First Five Souls group, never living and never die entities. Her rule is to keep Cirle of Life and Death in full and  in one piece. Actually, her one of her abilities origins here: She can bring the deads back to the livings, although she can't kill people because of being as a support entity.
The Stranger's has a wierd thing about her body: It always try to rip into pieces and in the past she felt into pieces in countless time already. With the first rip, she lost "her half", the "male" part. (Originally she was as genderless as the other four ones.)
By the time she lost more and more but not as much as at the first time.

A lot of parts quit their universe and maybe that's why people can found her in other universes.

Like an immigrant...
So that's how we can found her/her piece in this "alternative" Tf2 universe.
As a support "one" she is very helpful, supportive (of course) and active while try to stay "behind" the scenes and other events.
Although she aren't able to attack, she is able to enrage other persons like Medi, insuring a better offensive in battles.
She aren't able to fully recover people from the death in this univese but she can able to bring back them as a "revenants" and giving them helpful and useful abilities.

That's all for now! I have so many ideas but maybe you will see it as a comic or fic or idk...
I hope you like it!
If you find grammar mistakes, correct me, please! Oh and I hide a spoopy thing here.Bowser (Evil Laugh) 
Mini wings by Nagymester
Mini wings
It looks like "the devil vs angel" things...
The Generic Loadout #291045  and The Stranger. Honestly they aren't close like this, but they got facy mini wings ^^
I hope you like it ^^
Safety -the scrapped Moments- by Nagymester
Safety -the scrapped Moments-
I mean this WAS the real picture which I imagined and wanted with "Safety" title but I scrapped it  and not because "It's not depressive or sad enough". So many mistakes like clipping, finger posing "not correct emotions" and other things.
Amy looks like she capitalizing him like an object or something only because she wants to be in a safe place. So yeah.
She supposed to be grateful but I failed to illustrate it :<

The second thing: Safety? Why?
Sometimes, I feel that I really want somebody to protect me and combining this with macro ehh.. fetish ( I don't think that's a fetish... I don't have sexual purpose with this, unlike a lot of people here who got this weird thing too. I don't understand that why guys need to crush themselves with a big girl's ass/tits or eating themselves alive ... Fucking disturbing and that's why I hate macro too!)
I heard that it's called "G/t" Giant and tiny  without any sexual purposes. Maybe, this is my thing here!

Anyways, I hope you like it!^^

Finally, they got brain!
We don't need a  new and "possible will be horrible Heroes 7"! They fucked up the whole series with the Heroes 6 already.
A lot of fan (including me) love the third one and it will get a HD edition! I hope they only change the graphic and not other mechanics in the game. Maybe people will not buy it because of better grapic but my Heroes3 cd... it's so old and it doesn't work on this laptop only  on my old ass computer, and I don't like pirating, you know : P It wil be better if they will put this on Steam!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
About me:
:bulletblue:Cappuccino and tea drinker
:bulletblue:Chocolate eater
:bulletblue:Creator of weird creatures and monsters since 2009
:bulletblue:Fav. games:TF2,Amnesia,Gmod, Heroes of Might and Magic 2,3,4,5
:bulletblue:Medic/Solly/Pyro fan
:bulletblue:My favourite towns in HoMM V: Necropolis, Haven, Academy
:bulletblue:Admin of the Hungarian VSH (Vs Saxton Hale) server (It's closed for now)
:bulletblue:Annoying micspammer on the VSH server (HLDJ ftw!)
:bulletblue: Hi GPS, Cr1TiKaL and JonTron fan
My Tumblr: It's gone!
Here is my steam account:…
To be honest, I don't like invites from "random" people (they found me on my friend's friendlist) I trade a lot so I accept invites for that time!
If you want me as a friend on Steam and you're on Deviantart too, I will accept the request! =^^=
Feel free to comment or give an evaluative/constructive criticism!:iconnyoroonmedicbluplz:


About my nickname: "Nagymester" means "grandmaster" in hungarian, My oldest OC owns this nickname, I use it as an account name because i didn't get another name idea... Honestly, I am not a "master"!
:icondantethedemonhunter: :heart: :iconnagymester:

=Important infos=

:bulletred: I don't do request! If you really want artwork which I made, send me a note!
:bulletred: Don't steal/repost my artworks!
:bulletred: Don't use my characters/creations/artworks for your roleplaying!
:bulletgreen: If you got any questions, send me a note!
:bulletgreen: Please read the description if you want to complaining about the picture or ask about how can I get the models/maps/props! I explain A LOT of informations in the description, just read it! Thank you!
:bulletpurple: Put your opinion/criticque here:…
Fav's But No Watch? by chi-uGive a Llama, Get a Llama by mushirI Main the Pyro Stamp by Disdainful-LoniI Main the Soldier by Disdainful-Loni I should put the medic too with my 500+ hours but I play as a medic only in VSH. Nowadays I really stopped playing him :V
Useful links for models and maps (femsniper,dove model etc).:…

Inspires me a lot
:bulletblack::iconsysirauta: in traditional art
:bulletblack::icondrmeowsalot::iconze-uber-medic::iconithinksteve: in SFM

:bulletblack:Inspires me and help in Source Filmmaker not only their comments but their excellent tutorials::iconmarkthesfmabuser::iconlolvcrtape:

:bulletblack: People who are awesome artist too :iconherrdoktorhans::iconpatryk1023::iconschwarzdahlie::iconbluewolffemscout:

☻/ This is Bob
/▌ He wants your pussy.
/ \

a journal doll for your page by rainslick
I know you want that by Nagymester You will not get my beard, bitch!


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